And in the beginning…

After four years of high school French classes, people wonder why I chose to study Italian in college. I was inspired by Professor Checca, the organizer of Saint Mary’s Rome Program. He was ecstatic to tell me about the wonders I could see and the amazing experiences this program had to offer. His excitement was palpable and I was hooked by his oration. So, in the fall of 2010, I found myself seated in Professor Checca’s classroom. Most of the class was completely new to the language and it’s culture; a few had spent some time there on vacation or could trace their Italian lineage, but we were all beginners. We struggled to pick up this language that had so many similarities to the languages we had taken in high school, and this was only the beginning…

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6 responses to “And in the beginning…

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  2. I love it! I love that you have a blog and I love that I’ll have a reason to visit Rome when you are there.
    Learning languages is hard for most people, but really once you get one new one down, the others are much easier to pick up. It is memorization verses actual learning. I learned Spanish so I learned how the language fit together and how grammar worked and then with Arabic it was a pronunciation. I picked it up much more quickly as a result.

    I love you! Get over and read/comment on my blog!

    • I do read your blog frequently, but you should have it linked to your facebook so that I know when there is a new post. That’s how I read mom’s. I am ecstatic to have you come and I think we get good deals for visitors at our hotel…Hotel Tiziano.

  3. I’m studying Italian for a trip to Italy next summer and can totally relate…my Italian is currently a strange hybrid of Italian, French and Spanish. It sounds beautiful but probably makes no sense!

  4. You are SOOOOO totally cool I am proud of you!

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