Of course there are always trials…

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Paying for college is a struggle for most students, but that compounded with studying abroad is even more difficult. I have continued working at FitZone for Women in Sturgis, MI, and I recently became an employee of Wal-Mart. I thought that two jobs would be enough, but with the slow season beginning at FitZone it seems I may need a miracle from God. Jobs are tight in this area, but I am in search…again. I will also be adding a PayPal donation button to my page, so please keep your eyes open for that. I can’t wait for my trip, so any fundraising ideas and contributions will be greatly appreciated. I am refusing to get too discouraged, but this is worrisome. Everyone is having financial problems these days, so I am sure that many can relate to this struggle.

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2 responses to “Of course there are always trials…

  1. yeah, the area that you are living in isn’t really helping. So did you get your entire trip paid for? When do you leave?

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