A different theme…

I know that this has nothing to do with my trip, but I thought I would drift into some other aspects of my life…

My birthday is tomorrow! I will be 19. Mom and I are going to the movies today and going out to eat. We will be seeing Bridesmaids. Looks like a good one. I have been resting a lot during my four day birthday weekend (I took off so I could spend time with family and friends). I doubt I will feel any different, but I still feel that people should be excited about birthdays. I also treated myself to a massage and a reflexology appointment. Krista Zickafoose and Pennie Spence from Fit Zone for Women are miracle workers and have hands of magic. I hold a lot of my stress in my face and feet, so it was great to have my muscles and pressure points relieved. Both methods of relief are great relaxation techniques; everyone should check them out. Well, I am sure I will have more to discuss later, but I must get around for the day; I have been laying around like a vegetable since eight o’clock this morning. Oh the joys of birthdays!

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6 responses to “A different theme…

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  2. I put a virtual card and “gift” on your Facebook wall, you delightful cupcake! I SHOULD say that I hope this is your best birthday ever, but I really believe it’s more like your best birthday YET, because they just keep getting better.

  3. Happy Birthday

  4. happpppppppppppppppy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to my favorite girl like EVER! I miss you guys!!

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