A very cool friend…

So, my very cool and amazing friend Lauren Wozniak sent me a birthday present and she is the sneakiest (I know not a real word) birthday present sender ever. This is why…

We are both studying abroad in Rome, but going different semesters (I know…very sad), and being the smart people we are we decided to just share Italian books. At the end of the school year, after forgetting to give me her books, she asked for my address so that she could mail them to me. She claimed that she wanted them out of her house, and even though I thought it would be better to wait until I came to visit, I gave her my address.

Next reason why she is so clever…

She asked about my cat (I talk about her all the time, because she is so cute and sassy). Her name is Constance, and I am sure you will all have the joy of hearing me rave about her.

Stay with me people this all leads to an ending.

Finally, the third sneaky act…

In about three weeks I will be going to visit her in Chicago. She is a BIG sports fanatic…especially about the Cubs (although she admits that they are not doing very well this year). I must confess that I am not so enthusiastic about sports. I was a cheerleader in high school and I love athletic boys, but that does not make you a sports lover. I am a fan of watching sports with Lauren. She has a way of firing you up about a game. She gets crazy to say the least, and it can be very fun to watch. Thus, while I am there we will be going to a Cubs game.

Okay…so my present arrived today. Gullible me expected it to be Italian books. Not. It consisted of: a card with a sassy kitty and a Starlin Castro (yes…I googled him) Cubs t-shirt. She is so great and I am lucky to have her. And sneaky, right? I was very surprised. I simply cannot wait to walk through the streets of Chi-town with my cool shirt on and Lauren by my side.

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2 responses to “A very cool friend…

  1. This is possibly the greatest thing that has ever been written in the history of man kind. Glad you liked it! See you super soon =)

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