Holidays and Birthdays, Movies and the Horror

My birthday this year just happens to fall on Father’s Day. Now this only happens every few year, but I can’t imagine how those with birthdays that fall on a significant holiday every year feel. I think it would be hard. How do you distinguish between the presents you get for you birthday and the presents you get for the other holiday (if the holiday is one in which you receive presents). Naturally, Father’s Day is not a holiday in which I get presents, but it does force me to share my glory, which I am willing to do. I just think that it would be a struggling to balance two holidays consistently.

Yesterday Mom and I went to see Bridesmaids at the Linway Plaza in Goshen. It was hilarious. I thought the whole theater was going to pee there pants from laughing. It got a bit serious in the middle, but overall I think that made it better. I suggest that everyone see it.

Oh, and I do have some Italian subject matter. I am sad to say that I hate tiramisu. I think it is awful. I even requested that Mom taste it to make sure that the sample I had was good and she believed it was. This is depressing, but I find contentment knowing that this is only one of few Italian foods that I think is gross. I am sure that I will love many more then I dislike.

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