Study Rituals

I am not usually superstitious, but before an Italian test I would always have a few rituals:

1. The night before I would try to see an Italian tutor. This was to make sure I felt confident before the exam, and it usually worked. Talking out my doubts and clarifying grammatical techniques was soothing and eased my excess nerves (no matter what my mom says about the importance of nerves, too nervous=bad grades). Confirming that what I thought was correct, really was, was helpful. It was as if I was teaching myself what I already knew, and this would further cement the ideas.

2. I did my homework. Prof. Checca would give us worksheets as homework the few days before an exam. They were to help us practice, and they were very helpful. Before working on them I would make copies, so that I could redo them before the test. They were like practice-tests.

3. I ate lunch. I have learned that, like many people, I am less happy and more distracted on an empty stomach, therefore, I eat. It reminds me that there is nothing more that I can pack into my mind one hour before an Italian test. Cramming is very difficult when it comes to learning a foreign language. And if I needed to review something I could do it after eating.

These all seemed to work in my favor. Working to maintain my Italian is going to be tough, but I am hoping that my stay in Rome will prove to be very beneficial. Studying will have a whole new meaning when  I am thrown into the language and my test is being able to communicate.


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5 responses to “Study Rituals

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  2. I agree with Eileen…it’s too bad Father Mark isn’t around any more… Maybe you could talk in Italian to him on Facebook! The movie thing is what kept my French from totally disintegrating.

    I am still having a hard time with Spanish, even with hearing it… I just bought myself a grammar book and am doing the exercises. I’m sure there are things on line in Italian…

  3. I always found that immersion as much as possible is helpful. I had arab friends when I was taking Arabic and it really helped to have a native to study with. It also helped that I had heard the language for years, meaning that it sounded natural to me, helping my pronunciation. Watch some old Italian movies in your free time. Just listening to it can help. Oh btw…did I mention how much I love you?! LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!

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