What I would like to see and do while in Italy…

  • ColosseumThe Colosseum– Who doesn’t want to see the place where people paid to see people die? This huge amphitheater housed many vicious gladiator and animal fights.
  • The Pantheon– This happens to be right down the via (street) from the hotel I will be staying at. This pagan-temple turned church is one of Italy’s best-preserved ancient buildings.
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica– As a Catholic, this is a given. Vatican City is very high on my list of places I must go. Mom is also forcing me to bring back many souvenirs from here.


  • Sistine Chapel– Michelangelo was, oh, so talented. Pope John Paul II authorized a restoration of the artwork, so this will be a great time to see this place.
  • Gondola ride in VeniceChe bella! Non vedo l’ora! (How nice! I can’t wait!)
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa– C’mon! Definitely a must see before it falls.
  • Shop in Milan– They say it is better than Paris. If anyone knows me, they know that I love to shop 🙂
  • Go to Santa Maria delle GrazieLeonardo da Vinci‘s The Last Supper is housed here…enough said.
  • National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci– This 16th century monastary is now a museum displaying the history of science and technology starting from da Vinci’s machines. Geeky and very cool.

    Juliet's Balcony

  • Juliet’s House, Balcony, and Statue“Where for art thou Romeo?” I may be a sap, but Romeo and Juliet is a classic and I have the chance to see the home’s in which this tragic tale takes place. It is said that by touching Juliet’s breast one can gain some good luck.
  • Eat pizza in Naples– It is said to be their specialty.
  • See all of Pompeii– most of the important stuff is in the National Archeological Museum in Naples, but it would be great to stand in the great city that was destroyed in 79 AD.

3 responses to “What I would like to see and do while in Italy…

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  2. okay…what are your travel dates? I want to get my tickets to come visit lol. How many per room are you guys going to be?

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