Romulus and Remus

Romulus and Remus suckling from the she-wolfThese twin brothers are said to be the founders of Rome. Amulius killed his brother Numitor’s sons and made his daughter, Rhea Silvia, a Vestal Virgin. This was all in an attempt to secure the throne for himself. As a Vestal Virgin, Rhea Silvia was a priestess of the goddess Vesta and was not allowed to marry. However, the god Mars snuck into her temple one night and he impregnated Rhea Silvia, who then gave birth to her sons, Romulus and Remus. After their birth, Amulius, fearing that the boys would grow to overthrow him, had them thrown into the River Tiber. The boys were washed ashore and discovered by a she-wolf, who suckled them, and they were fed by a woodpecker. Faustulus, a shepherd, brought the boys home to be raised by he and his wife, Acca Larentia. After growing up, Romulus and Remus killed Amulius and reinstated Numitor, their grandfather, as king of Alba Longa. The brothers chose to build a city of their own. Some sources say it was where the she-wolf had nursed them,while others say they used augury to decide its location. During a disagreement, Romulus killed Remus, and Romulus named the city Roma after himself. Rome’s population increased with newcomers (many were outlaws andIt is said that it was the abducted women of Sabine that intervened in the battle and created a truce between the two peoples. refugees). The high number of men in Rome’s population lead Romulus to arrange for the abduction of women from Rome’s neighboring tribe, Sabine. This created a war between the men of both peoples, and later a uniting as one Roman people. After a long and favorable rule, Romulus disappeared mysteriously.

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