Monthly Assignments

So, my teacher, Professor Checca, has asked us to complete monthly assignments to keep up with our Italian. It is tedious and only an itsy bitsy helpful. I am a verbal learner. I need Checca shouting in his Italian/Bostonian accent ridiculous stories and humor to peak my interest in grammar. I need a room full of girls, eyes averted, to make me want to answer a question. I need my daily “Buongiorno, Ragazze!” to get me going. Nine pages of grammar is not cutting it. Alas, it must be done. It is required, and I do not want to be contacted personally by Prof. Checca about my negligence. Not cool. I think I might post a section from the assignment on here. Try it out. Let me know if you learned anything :).  Have fun!

Esercizio 1. Supply the appropriate definite article (articolo determinativo) and then pluralize.

Esempio:                    __il_ ragazzo    _i ragazzi

  1. _______ penna                                     _________________________
  2. _______ studente                                 _________________________
  3. _______ zaino                                      _________________________
  4. _______ giornale                                 _________________________
  5. _______ amico                                     _________________________
  6. _______ università                               _________________________
  7. _______ esame (masc.)                       _________________________
  8. _______ zio                                         _________________________
  9. _______ amica                                     ________________________
  10. _______ città                                       _________________________

Esercizio 2. Supply the appropriate indefinite article (articolo indeterminativo).

Esempio: ___un__gelato, per favore.

  1. _____ aranciata, per favore.
  2. _____ panino al prosciutto, per favore
  3. _____ acqua minerale, per favore.
  4. Ho voglia di ______ caffè e di _______ cornetto.
  5. Ho ______ amico a Bologna e _______ amica a Milano.
  6. Ho bisogno di _________  zaino nuovo.


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