A Mother’s Opinion Part II

written by Cynthia Schrage

Last February and March, when I was at my most seasonally depressed, Sophia did voice some concerns about my mental health while she was gone. It’s a valid concern, given my history, and given that she would be more than an hour away. I reassured her that I would be fine, that she’d only be gone for three months, that my parents lived closer now, that she wouldn’t be gone when I usually get depressed, that she would be home for Christmas, etc., etc. I’m not concerned, though. I feel like I’m doing much better than I was before, and I’m a little more adjusted to her being gone for a while. Even though I saw her a lot during her freshman year in college, I’m certainly a lot more used to her being away from home than I was before. Ultimately we’ve come to the decision that it’s not likely that I will become super depressed, and even if I do, her being here will neither prevent it, nor alleviate it. So, I’m not really that worried, in that respect.


Or in any other, actually. We asked a LOT of questions of the college, and I e-mailed the liaison in Rome about a number of issues that I was concerned about, all with good results. I’ve tried to think of every possibility. Well, I’m NOT thinking about some of the possibilities, because that’s a fruitless effort that will only make me fret for no good reason. Sophia has, more than one time, told me to get my own passport (which is a good idea, because it’s such a good form of ID now), JUST IN CASE I would need to come to Rome while she’s there. But since those “just in case” scenarios involve her serious injury (or worse), I’ve decided not to. Plus, it’s another expense, and our budget is pretty limited.


That, of course, is a whole other issue.

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