I’ll be leaving for Rome in just two days…

Space Bag, a brand of compressible storage bags

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So, basically, everything I’ve worked for since about this time last year is finally here; I leave for Rome in just two days! Packing has been a struggle. I am permitted to take ONE suitcase (23 kg), ONE carry-on bag (8 kg), and either a purse or a laptop case…for THREE MONTHS. Space Bags have turned out to be extremely helpful. Stuff all my clothes in this large bag and just suction all the air out with a vacuum. Also, I have done some extra fundraising the last few weeks. Family and friends have gathered some funds and helped out considerably. Many thanks goes out to all those that helped me fund this trip and helped me emotionally prepare. I definitely don’t think I could have made it this far on my own.

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2 responses to “I’ll be leaving for Rome in just two days…

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