First Day in Rome!

Rome is bustling with travelers, tourists, natives, and now Saint Mary’s students. Living in the Hotel Tiziano (in the center of Rome) allows us to have access to just about anything you can think of, but the language has left me a little out of the loop. Having only studied Italian for one year, I can communicate minimally. I went to buy some shower products at a store called Limoni just across the street this afternoon. Not an easy task. There are about fifty different kinds of shampoo and conditioners and I couldn’t tell what they were or for what kind of hair they were designed for. After picking up bottle, after bottle, after bottle, I decided to grab something and seek some help. Thank goodness a woman at the counter spoke some English or I would have purchased shampoo for brunettes. She helped me pick out some shampoo and conditioner for my hair, and I grabbed a bottle of body wash that I recognized from the states. This could have been a disastrous trip.

Also, I had my first day of school! Buying school supplies was…interesting. College ruled paper was hard to come by.

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2 responses to “First Day in Rome!

  1. So, did you find the paper, or should I mail you some?
    I guess I’m wondering…if they don’t use paper like that, what do they use?

    • I did find some, but it was tough. There are however some things I think you might have to send me clothing wise perhaps. They are very expensive and I don’t want to buy something I already have. I have found a shop that I like very much so we will see how that goes.

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