Day Tour: Tarquinia and Cerveteri

We had an all day tour in Tarquinia and Cerveteri. This was super informative for those of us in the archeology class and art history class here at the Saint Mary’s Rome Program. The main focus: Etruscan tombs. I’ve been studying this stuff like crazy for the last month and now I got to see it in person. Now that is a cool feeling; standing right in front of the stuff you see in books. And just in time for mid-terms. These tours are turning out to be a real refresher.

These are tombs masked as mounds. Very cool inside I promise.

This cool guy is outlining his ancestry with a scroll.

Ancestor Urn (Likely for a warrior)

Awww...isn't this cute? It's an ancestor urn that looks like a hut!

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One response to “Day Tour: Tarquinia and Cerveteri

  1. I like the HUT! That’s cool…

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