About ME

Name: Sophia

Birthday: June 19

School: Saint Mary’s College

Favorite Food: Sushi

My Bucket List: become a pilot, sail around the world, sky dive, swim with dolphins (this will continue to grow)

Hobbies: reading, gardening, blogging, baking, photography, silkscreen-ing, eating (this will continue to grow)

Likes: romantic comedies, musicals, Lady Gaga, Jarritos Pineapple Soda, compliments, presents, cupcakes, smiling, wearing hats, seeing close friends, pop music, sunny days, light breezes, and long walks on the beach (this will continue to grow)

Dislikes: bad drivers, spiders, secrets that I don’t know, brownies, mean people, being far away from friends, angry music, rain, snow, humidity, Mt. Dew, clutter, wrinkly clothes, my cat’s mood swings, my mom’s mood swings, and thief in my dryer that steals only one sock because he knows it will make me go crazy (this will continue to grow)



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